Organic YOUR September with 30% off September 01, 2017 12:00

For over 40 years, Argital have always used the highest quality ingredients to produce skincare that is healthy. Just as consuming good quality food helps us to stay healthy on the inside, what we put on our skin is equally important in creating harmony on the outside.

It was therefore a natural choice to use ingredients that are certified Demeter or Organic.

The Soil Association UK, the certification body of organic produce and cosmetics, are offering a free starter kit so that you can Organic YOUR September. Take a look on their website to download your kit and access many organic offers, such as our 30% off our Baby range and our Allergen Free range

Lets share our passion for organic and save our beautiful countryside and wildlife. Lets help encourage more organic farms and improve standards for livestock. Lets spread the word of organic through Organic YOUR September.