Argital Baby is an allergen-free* range of products and the fruit of research and a test conducted by Argital, with the help of mothers, on babies affected with severe nappy rash. 

Argital Baby products are made from 100% naturally derived ingredients. The active ingredients are made up of Violet, a powerfully eudermic with a strong replenishing mechanism and Marine Green Clay, which is highly absorbent, protective and purifying.

Special tests carried out with the participation of a group of mothers showed that, with the application of the Argital Baby range of products, even the most severe cases of nappy rash disappeared in a short time. Argital Baby products are allergen-free* and safe, as shown by a specific skin irritation test and patch test carried out by the University of Pavia.

* Allergens of DL 15/02/2005 N.50