Welcome to Argital UK!


I am a very proud partner of Argital Natural Cosmetics in the UK. I am pleased to introduce you to the benefits of Argital's Marine Green Clay, medicinal herbs and essential oils.

I first discovered Argital Cosmetics in 2003 after meeting Dr Ferraro, the founder of Argital. I then became more conscious of the ingredients that go into skincare and what consequently may be absorbed into our bloodstream. Skincare ingredients can penetrate the skin and cause diverse reactions, be they good or bad. Mintel (2010) state that there are 21 million allergen suffers in the UK, one of which am I. Allergies are very common during childhood with 50 % of children and young people suffering from one or more allergy in the UK (Journal of Clinical and Experimental Allergy, 2009). It therefore makes sense that we give equal importance to what we put onto our skin as much as we do at to what we consume in our diets and understand how synthetic chemicals and ingredients may affect our health. 

Based on Anthroposophical research, Argital cosmetics work to bring harmony to the skin and do not contain any harsh ingredients. They are chemical and preservative free and are certified natural and organic. Marine Green Clay is the base ingredient in all of Argital's cosmetics and is well known for its anti-ageing, healing, balancing and detoxifying properties. 

By applying Argital cosmetics you will be nurturing your skin on a holistic level to create balance and harmony.

See Allergy UK for more information on skin allergies to cosmetics.

The EWG Cosmetics Database also has a lot of information relating to ingredients used in cosmetics.

Dr Giuseppe Ferraro, the founder of Argital, is an active researcher of Anthroposophic Medicine and research. Access Dr Ferraro's blog to read more about his research.

More information on Anthroposophy can be found on the UK Anthroposophical Society website.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions or concerns, or leave any comments below.