A Natural Anti-Ageing Agent

Clay is a primordial substance, one of the main components of the Earth's surface. Its pliant properties make it a unique raw material. One could say that clay is transformed by water; it can be easily moulded by the hand and in turn, is able to shape and mould to the body it comes into contact with. Argital's green clay brings vital life-giving forces and warm energy, absorbed from the Sun during the drying process. It comes from a quarry located in the extreme south of Sicily, in a clean area that is sunny and breezy all year round. The clay is excavated and dried during the summer months when the Sun's forces are stronger and more intense, for use throughout the entire year. Thanks to the enormous amount of heat and sunlight that it has absorbed, the clay boasts an extraordinary wealth of forces. A unique heritage that makes clay an effective body-shaping agent that renders skin youthful, supple and toned. The presence of Silica helps slow down the ageing process, making Argital's Green Clay an exceptional natural anti-ageing agent.