A Unique Clay

Being of marine origin, our clay is very rich in mineral salts and trace elements, which contribute to make the clay particularly active. Aged between 6 and 16 million years, a geological period during which the Earth was particularly rich in vital life-giving forces. A beneficial force that clay has preserved over time and that we continue to access today every time we use it in the form of toothpaste, a shampoo, a mask, or as a clay powder added to a bath. It contains bivalent iron; a younger and more effective iron that gives clay a colour that ranges from green to blue, in contrast to the reddish colour of clays with a predominance of trivalent iron.

Mixed to a paste with water, Argital's Green Clay transforms into a beautiful creamy green-coloured paste that is lustrous and pliant in consistency. As soon as this paste comes into contact with the skin it creates a pleasant feeling of wellbeing.