Healthy skincare

The skin is the portal through which skincare can be absorbed into our body.

For this reason the skincare we use should be healthy. 


Argital gives primary importance to this theme by not using preservatives and offers products which are safe and full of vitality.


100% Natural


Argital skincare are based on marine green clay and consist of officinal herbs of Demeter certification, organically certified and harvested from spontaneous cultivation. Ingredients are 100% naturally derived and free from synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives. Free from mineral oils, parabens, silicone and PEG, and suitable for Vegans.


Demeter Certification


Demeter standards are generally recognised as being the most stringent (more so, in some cases, than other organic standards) and are designed to protect maximum vitality, use minimum processing aids and preservatives, and to protect the environment.

The Demeter standards for personal care products state:
“ The aim is to produce cosmetics that consist of natural products which are beneficial to human skin and body, and have as few negative environmental consequences as possible”.

This means Demeter personal care products are about as pure and natural as it’s possible to buy. Here’s why:

  • ingredients from agricultural origin must be a minimum 90% certified biodynamic, and the remainder certified organic.
  • Contain only natural ingredients and a small number of permitted additives & preservatives.
  • No GMO’s
  • Water – often a major ingredient in cosmetic products – should be of the highest quality: spring water, distilled water, or dynamised water is preferred.
  • Stringent controls over the use of wild harvested ingredients.
  • Raw materials from dead animals such as collagen are banned, as is testing on animals.
  • The controversial use of nanoparticles is banned.
  • Strict regulations govern the kinds of processing techniques allowed, packaging, energy use, handling of waste material, and biodegradability of products.

The ethos of biodynamics – it’s visionary holistic and spiritual approach to Nature and life – is also embedded in its standards, which means Demeter products are not only beautiful for you but for the world.


Allergen Free


The Allergen Free ranges are suitable for treating a range of skin sensitivities or imbalances, especially those whose skin no longer tolerates scents, preservatives, artificial colourings and chemical agents.

You will find a list of all of the ingredients, allowing you to see exactly what goes into each product. Giving you peace of mind in knowing that you are assisting your skin into becoming the most beautiful and healthiest it can be, and not overloading your body with dangerous chemicals.


Argital works in accordance with certain fundamental principles:


  • the quality of raw materials
  • working with and combining these raw materials in a truly harmonious way
  • the fragrance in the products are derived from natural ingredients
  • the production of small batches to guarantee maximum freshness
  • the selection of packaging to preserve the products in the best possible conditions
  • quality checks during various stages of processing and in the period immediately after
  • our rationale behind all of this: healthy cosmetics are the result of a healthy thought.


Argital products contain:


  • Green clay in powder or gel form. The gel of Argilla is the water-soluble part of the green Clay, it is rich in mineral salts and oligoelements;
  • Pure Gold essential oils. Gold Essential Oils are the result of a long research conducted by Argital starting from the concept of tripartite plant, composed of flower, leaf and root. These studies have revealed that it is possible to awaken in the essential oil the perfume and properties of the whole plant, through a special process of harmonization patented by Argital;
  • Pure vegetable oils, carriers of a thin stellar heat;
  • Demeter certified officinal herbs, organic or from spontaneous collection, used in the form of decoctions. Medicinal herbs are a guarantee for the consumer and a sign of respect for the land;
  • Pure spring water. It is the element that brings with it purity and vitality;
  • Natural vitamins to stimulate processes;
  • Vegetable emulsifiers and foaming agents as basic ingredients for creams and shampoos.


Argital respects animals:


Argital's raw materials and the final products are not tested on animals. Argital has always supported associations that defend the life and dignity of animals.


Argital respects the environment:


All products are packaged in containers made from recyclable materials of aluminium and glass, with the exception of a few products such as shampoos that for safety reasons are packaged in recyclable plastic bottles. The list of ingredients is shown on all products in accordance with European INCI code standards.